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“Simply put, the term refers to incorporating game elements and mechanics into non-gaming websites and software.”  In this case, the design, elements and mechanics for a rudimentary point-and-click game were loaded into the client’s (non-game) website. The game was introduced and promoted internally via the site’s bulletin board and sidebar panels and externally via the client’s newsletters and e-mail blasts.  


Game Intro and Set Up excerpted from BUZZ, the bulletin board at newheightsrestaurant.com




NOW ONLINE: EASTER EGG HUNT @ newheightsrestaurant.com

An “Easter Egg” is a primitive (computer) game device or conceit planted by artful game developers. Easter Eggs are not really eggs per se but any type of hidden surprise or reward for mercurial players of exploratory-type interactive games. Why hide “eggs?” It’s a conceit, of course!  But, at the end of the day, these “eggs” are planted as stimuli to drive mercurial game players crazy like crazed kids in an Easter Egg hunt. In the spirit of interactive games, NH hired an award-winning interactive developer and scriptwriter to design an exploratory game and plant several “Easter Eggs” throughout the website.  And so, if you are a mercurial player to the NH website, the hunt is now on!

Can you find the “Easter Eggs” hidden deep in the matrix of newheightsrestaurant.com? If so and you can identify the surprises, who knows what’s in store?  If you can’t, don’t fret.  Either way, let NH know.  E-mail us at newheightsrestaurant@comcast.net and put “Easter Egg” in the subject line. We’ll send you either a “surprise reward” if you found all the Easter Eggs or, if you can’t find the eggs, we’ll send you a “cheat” keyword to help you with your hunt. These offers good for the first 10 mercurial “Can Find” players and the first 10 not-so-mercurial “Can’t Find” players.

Good will hunting.


Design and hide “Easter Eggs” such as this point-and-click clue concealed in the caption to the Dessert landing page then linked to a pay off “Easter Egg.”








Charma Le, nonpareil food stylist and photographer, couldn’t resist Donald Smith’s light, crispy and savory Cardamon Beignets with creme fraiche and cherry coulis. Click Irresistible to see what happened to that shot and why we couldn’t use it here?



The hunt for “Easter Eggs” is a marketing device, driving the user deep into the website, deeper into the client’s products, goods and services. But, it’s also simply a lark, an adventure for the sake of horsin’ around and a pay off! Like the egg triggered by a link tied to Directions at the client’s Contact page. Each mode of transportation link (car, rail, etc.) triggers relevant location data (map, metro line, etc.) until you get to “by horse.”



Directions…. by horse, by car, by foot, by rail

By car.

By zipcar. See the zipcar depot at Calvert Street & Woodley Place.

By rail. Take the red line to Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams Morgan station, head south on Connecticut and turn right on Calvert.

By foot. The Rock Creek Park path is a short jog downhill from Calvert and Connecticut.

By horse. Just horsin’ around.










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